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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 9, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and returned here. she was attacked early saturday between 3:00 and 7:00 a.m. police are now looking no a white male, about 21, 6' 1" with medium build and brown hair and blue eyes. officials were notified about the attack on monday. police say if you have any information about this crime, they would like to hear from you. >> families of some of the newtown shooting victims are in washington, dc, this morning, to lobby congress for passage of president obama's gun control package. he spoke to the families in connecticut yesterday. abc7 news reporter is live with that story. >> family members of newtown will personally plead with lawmakers this morning. vice president biden and attorney general holder will deliver remarks calling on congress to pass what they call common sense measures to reduce
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gun violence. the relatives of the newtown victims arrived in washington, dc, on air force i last night. gun control advocates and lawmakers are using the newtown tragedy as the number one example of why stricter background checks and bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines are nets. a dozen senate republicans are vowing to block any laws that curb access to guns for law law-abiding citizens. president obama criticized those lawmakers. >> not just saying "no" on ideas that all americans support. they are saying they will do whatever they can to prevent any votes on the provisions! >> majority leader harry reid brought the gun control legislation to the senate floor yesterday but actually debate did not begin. democrats have to decide over the next couple of days if they want to try and get republican support or take the risk and go it alone.
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>> san francisco police chief will hold a townhall meeting in the mission district this afternoon to discuss the officer-involved shooting at 17th. an argument broke out between two groups of people on sunday. one pulled a gun and people ran into the mission police station to alert officers. police shot two suspects who are suffering from life-threatening injuries. the gun was a copy. we posted details on the townhall meeting on our website administration >> tonight the san jose city council will approve an $82 million airport addition. the facility would service private and corporate jets and would be built in a parking lot on the west side of the airport. the city has selected developer signature flight support along with blue city holding, which already manages a growing fleet of private jets for google's co-founders. taking a final vote they must consider an appeal before final vote from atlantic aviation.
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their bid was disqualified by the city staff. the company said they will raise airport safety concerns. >> google is being targeted in a microsoft-led antitrust complaint. companies including microsoft, nokia and oracle accuse google of unfair practices in mobile smartphone market saying google is acting unfairly by giving away the droid operating system for mobile devices but requiring companies that use it to install google software applications. droid operating systems have the largest share of smartphone market. >> on this tuesday morning, check on the forecast. >> not so windy. >> not so windy. we don't have warnings or advisories with cooler fox business news some -- cooler conditions in some areas. some areas are in the 40's and
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millipede at 48. mid-50's through redwood city and richmond district and 52 in cupertino. as we head through the day we day in the 40's and 50's through 7:00 with the lower breezes greeting you. quick warming at the coast we will be near 60 for the better part of the afternoon and we will be near the upper 60's for our lunch time temperatures around the bay and maybe you can get out at a favorite eateries for lunch. mid-70's at 4:00 and upper 60's to lower 70's, a delightful evening to be outside. tomorrow is the warmest day, 84 inland, and 64 at the coast and we will be back in the 70's on thursday into friday as the winds switch. those temperatures are still above average. now a check of the morning commute. leyla gulen? >> it looks calm in san jose. at 101 headed northbound, the headlights coming away from 880 it is looking quiet and we have
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some construction. great highway is shut down and will be shut down until further notice because of high winds from yesterday that blew a lot of sand on the beach. the trucks are trying to push everything to sea. that closed between lincoln and skyline boulevard. back in san jose we do have a closure along northbound 280 to the southbound 85 with connection cones picked up at 6:00 a.m. >> next, battling tobacco sales in low-income areas of san francisco. the controversial solution a group has. >> a daring heist in italy, a band of robbers made off with millions in gold. first, here is the america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, jc penney fires the c.e.o. and got the old boss back. he was known for creating the apple retail stores and is replaced by the former chief.
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a new lone is offered to pay for a vehicle to boost new car sales, with total interest paid far more, however, than the traditional five year lone. finally, the most valuable company in the world, war mall, is -- wal-mart is five, google is number three, and apple is number two, and number one is exxonmobil at the
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:11 on tuesday morning. the winds of change are not blowing. calmer start this morning. we will check with mike nicco to find out about the warming trend coming up and leyla gulen will check the bay area traffic. >> san francisco may become the first city in the nation to limit the number of tobacco retailers coming from a youth group that spent years working on the idea. there are 1,000 stores selling tobacco products in the city limits. the san francisco youth leadership institute calls for controlling where the retailers are located. after 40 years of research they conclude that cigarettes are more available in low-income communities. >> it is not fair. that is not just. we want a fair and even playing field even the amount of tobacco permits across the city of san francisco. >> the group is not proposing
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taking away any permits but they want to limit the number of new permits issued. retailers in low-income neighbors worry about restrictions hurting the valve business. >> a funeral of former british prime minister of margaret thatcher hell at st. paul's cathedral in london. the 87-year-old's body was removed from the hotel this morning where she died from a stroke yesterday. she was prime minister for 11 years. her conservative stand made her an ally of former president reagan. george shultz said he had a progressive working relationship with thatcher, a former secretary of state. >> she, worked hard. show did her homework. she was clear. we had our disagreements from time to time, but she worked in a problem-solving way. >> thatcher was an honorary fellow with stanford. officials say the funeral will
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be held with full military honors but it falls just short of a state funeral. her coffin will lie at the house of parliament before the funeral. >> today is the 10th anniversary of the fall of baghdad to the united states-led coalition happening three weeks into the invasion of iraq. the forces marched into baghdad and toppled the sat use of saddam. opposition cheered and stomped on the statue. today, the base of the statue is still at the city square. combat forces have left but iraq is still struggling to find stability as suicide attacks rock the country and security checkpoints dot the city. auroras pulled off a heist worthy of hollywood movie snatching $40 million worth of goal. a team of ten bandits ambushed two armored vans and blocked traffic along the freeway and trapped the vans with their own vehicles. they opened fire. no one was hit.
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one of the two vans was carrying millions in gold bars. the robbers' cars were found abandoned. >> the louisville cardinals are celebrating this morning as the national champs. they trailed the wolverines by 12, but they came back at 82-76. hancock led the cardinals with 22 points and this is the first crown since 1986 and injured guard kevin ware marked the victory by cutting down the net. petrino is the first coach to win at two different schools and let the players get him tattooed if they won. >> hall of fame? tattoo? national championship? all the same week. >> head coaching basketball job, too. a great week for the petrino family. >> lucky guy. >> lucky family. >> we have warm, nice weather coming our way, without the breeze. it will not be so bad or fast
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but there will be a breeze that will factor into our warming trend today and especially tomorrow. live doppler 7 hd showing it is dry this morning. you can see sutro tower is not bouncing around as it did yesterday. in san francisco, it is 57, and oakland is 52 and 50 in san jose, and palo alto is 54 and mill valley is 52. walnut creek is the cool spot at 46. from the east bay hills toward the same area of the sutro tower, napa is 49 and mid-50's for los gatos and fairfield. the sky is going to be blue: sunny. warm. still breezy. a lot calmer than yesterday. you could push the reports tomorrow as we hit the mid-80's inland. it will be mild and dry this
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week. it will be cooler. temperatures are still above average away from the coast. in walnut creek this morning, it is clear. this camera, also, unlike year, not bouncing around the temperature in oakland is four degrees warmer today and 74. santa rosa is six degrees warmer and 76. san jose and fremont, 10 to 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. here is the reason why, low pressure rolling away taking the winds with it, and high pressure is a calming influence overriding our neighborhood. the sharp difference is starting to relax and the high pressure will bring us warmer weather today and tomorrow. how warm in the south bay? 76 at san jose. you are between the 74 in sunnyvale and 78 in gilroy and los gatos and 72 in san mateo and mid-70's for the rest of the peninsula. low-to-mid 60's along the coast and probably not blowing sand today like we had yesterday. upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito, with the north bay beaches in
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the low-to-mid 60's and inland neighborhood 10- to 15-degrees warmer in the low-to-mid 70's with san leandro and hayward around 72 and headed to to the t bay valley, mid-to-upper 70's with antioch and livermore being warmer spots. the seven-day outlook show mid-80's in-- mid-80's around the bay with no rain in sight. leyla gulen, good morning. >> if you have an early morning start to the tuesday morning commute we are looking at 101 out of petaluma to central san rafael. it is looking clear as you make the drive in a southbound direction. we have construction that is still in place, a couple of lanes are blocked until 6:00 a.m. down to the waldo tunnel. be prepared if that. it is not pulling anything down. further to the south in san jose, we do have construction that just cleared. northbound 880 between 101 to
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the expressway, the construction did pick up on the early side into fremont. we are looking at cheer conditions but we had a spot of slowing at 14 miles per hour. it hook like it jumps to the top speed up to 84 and right over to the san mateo bridge and to the north if you are headed between walnut creek to lafayette and piedmont the drive out there is also clear and no accidents reported as of yet. kristen and eric? >> 5:18. >> if payment on a new car seem too high, how without like a few extra years to pay it off? >> didn't have to think about that for long, the bloomburg business report is coming up. >> staying in shape without leaving the office, a desk will have you walking your way to fitness. on katie, finding a man and more importantly, holding on to him. importantly, holding on to him. secret tips this is $100,000.
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importantly, holding on to him. secret tips we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? money than a stranour bank , you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. has twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt. and at 80 calories, it's the lightest greek yogurt with fruit. with its creamy, thick texture you won't feel like you're running low on satisfaction. light & fit greek. be light and fit. and satisfied.
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>> the navy has new technology that allows ships to shoot down drones for the cost of a pack of gum with a new laser that can protect ships by blasting targets with a high intensity light beam. the video shows tests conducted off the california coast last summer and although it is not visible to the naked eye, it sent a drone crashing into the ocean. it costs thousands to do the same job with guns or missiles. the system costs $40 million to develop but a blast of the laser costs less than a dollar.
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>> dog buyers in south america are getting tricked in a disturbing new trend. police are getting more reports of people buying what they think are toy poodles only to discover their dogs are a spirit pumped up on steroids. >> a man was suspicious and took the pet to the vote who con anied he has purchased a ferret. it was given steroids to increase its size and grouped to make the coat resemble a toy poodle. >> it is terrible. but who was fooled? >> you are looking at internet pictures you...terrible. >> do you skip taking medicine? it is something that people are doing to save money. >> here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. do you skip take medicine to save money? adults under 65 are twice as likely to avoid prescribed medicine to save cash.
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the centers for disease control says 20 percent of parents of all ages have asked their doctor for lower cost treatments. people may be more desperate to save on drugs because the kaiser permanente says costs could rise 6 percent a year starting in 2015. cars are getting more expensive but it could be easier to pay for them. you can now get loans as long as eight years. 17 percent of all new car loans in the past quarter were between six and seven years. back in the days of ronald reagan and pac-man, 75 percent of americans believe the country was better off but people are glad the days of parachute pants and fanny packs are behind them. that is the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> company is going to help workers stay first without leaving the office. the brown and brown insurance company of indiana has bought standing desks with treadmills
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for employees. they will be able to take a brisk walk without getting too far away from the e-mail. the wellness committee wanted to brake up the work day and get people out for a little while but not mess up productivity. >> i would love that. imagine, we are here for 2 1/2 years all the calories we would burn. >> you would be blazing a new trail. lit weights, too. >> we will get out there today before we get one of those...! >> can't you get that stuff on your smartphone and walk outside anyway? >> watch someone walk a treadmill? that is what i prefer. with your e-mail you are tethers to work thai. who wants to walk in a suit. speaking of outside, that is the best transition i could make, 62 at 7:15 is the first pitch at at&t park with the rockies in
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town. dry everywhere across the state. headed to the central valley, mid-70's. 50 in tahoe and headed to the south, 74 in los angeles, and 81 in palm springs. leyla gulen? >> i am using a treadmill right new. going nowhere fast. good morning, everyone. we are looking at the maze as you take your drive in the westbound direction along 80 a few more tail lights just a matter of minutes before you see more traffic. when you head into the tolls along the day bridge looking clear so traffic is pouring in but it is moving swiftly and the metering lights are not on. i want to show you we have no delays on mass transit so that is good news. bart, muni and caltrain are running on time. kristen and eric? >> that looks like a moon walk to me, leyla gulen.
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"dancing with the stars" is what it looks like. the best score of "dancing with the stars" was triple 9's performing a contemporary dance. she was a point bind the oakland native and a reality tv star is tied for last place. any stay tuned. , tonight there will be a duet with jennifer lopez with botecelli. >> and now the parents of ali can breathe now. >> a spring wildfire is keeping firefighters busy in southern california fire. an update on the evacuations, the damage, and the continuing firefight. >> tuberculosis scare at an east bay high school. what is happening to hundreds of
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:29 on tuesday. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas and now the weather forecast. easy drive in. no problems. >> the wins helped you out. >> the winds calmed during the overnight hours. they are not so aggressive. on the east-west bridge in a high profile vehicle you could notice a sway. we are around 20 or 25 miles per hour over the water. 17 in oakland. and 16 at sfo and less than ten for the rest. around 20 to 25 in livermore and fairfield and novato and half moon bay. today, a lot of sunshine again with temperatures pushing the mid-70's around the bay and upper 70's inland and low 60's at the coast.
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leyla gulen? >> good morning, we are headed to walnut creek along 680 making the drive in the southbound direction to 24, we are looking at a slow down with more tail lights making it up to the 24 junction, northbound traffic is not giving us any problem with the great highway should down until further notice because of the winds yesterday that blew sand on the road. southbound 101 between sir francis break, two lanes are blocked. >> hundreds of students in antioch begin ready to be tested for tuberculosis. they were alerted to a classmate coming down with a highly contagious lung infection. officials decided to go ahead and test 200 students for
5:29 am
tuberculosis at deer valley high school inant, i don't. they will test them on thursday. these are all students who had class or extracurricular activists with the infected student. this is the first case on a campus in four years and officials say it sun common and they are take it seriously so they do an investigation. the county found out about this march 19 but they made the decision to alert parents and then it was spring drake so they will just get around to getting the testing don. tuberculosis is airborne bacterial infection of the lungs. it takes three months to develop into a disease with symptoms including coughing, high fever, weight loss, night sweats.
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for parents in antioch, watch out for those symptoms the student would was sick is back in school. at this point they want to see if the student's classmates are okay. in south bay a search is underway for a 76-year-old man with early signs of alzheimer's disease missing since sunday. he was last seen at a friend's house in east san jose. lopez went for a walk and never came back. he was wearing a black and white striped shirt and a green jacket. relatives say he walked with a limp and likes to visit our lady of guadalupe church. >> police are looking for a plan who assault add student at her apartment on the st. mother's university campus. officials are sending out a
5:31 am
crime alert. police are looking for a white male at 21, 6' 1" with medium build, brown hair and blue eyes. the victim and the suspect met off campus on friday. she was attacked early saturday between 3:00 and 7:00 a.m. officials remain alerted to the attack yesterday. anza clear is considering building housing and entertainment next to the planned 49ers stadium of the city council will develop a bid to put up $200,000 to study building options at the 230-acre site paving over city-owned land now housing a golf course. joe montana plans to build a hotel and sports bar here. >> this will be an update on graffiti great an outside company hired to clean it up.
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officials say that 96 percent of graffiti reported in the city is cleaned up in 48 hours. the tagers have taken to freeways and railways where the spray painting is more visible and harder to clean and the contractors does not have authority to clean out the state managed freeways or private railroads. san jose officials say they are working with caltran and union pacific to clean up the areas. >> developing news on a wildfire burning in southern california, mandatory evacuation orders that forced 200 people out of the their homes have been lifted. law enforcement started letting people in the homes in novemberture a county in the past few hours after burning 1710 acres an hour north of los angeles destroying one home and damaged ago. flames broke out yesterday. power lines came down in strong winds. >> beachgoers are urged to take precautions after the wild winds created strong waves along coastal areas.
5:33 am
parts of the great highway remain closed this morning. gusts up to 75 miles per hour dumped sand on the roads. 15 to 18' waves forced the most experienced fishermen to keep the boats tied up, the first time they have had to do so in 12 years. that is bad for business. >> we charge $125 for trips and we had 20 people scheduled to go out and they wanted to go salmon fishing. we cannot get to the salmon grounds. it is too dangerous. the coast guard is advising people to warn out for the rip currents. >> pg&e is working to repair power outages. a lot of them were caused by fallen trees. this tree snapped power lines and dropped them on a car. fewer than a dozen homes in the area still do not have power on this morning.
5:34 am
the wins knock the out electricity to more than 12,000 pg&e customers. >> a teen is in the hospital this morning after she was pinned under the branch of a fallen tree. it happened on her high school campus in patterson yesterday. crews freed her and the 17-year-old suffered a broken vertebrae and cuts and bruises. >> her injuries are relatively minor 689. >> could have been worse. >> the wins have died down. >> we will see what will happen. we will hang around the teams through the better part of the morning along the bay shore and 20's and 30's inland valley and along the coast and the wins will pick up as we head to lunch and most us are in the 25 to 30 range and half moon bay is at 20. headed to the afternoon you can see the coast is picking up again in the low-to-mid 30's and the rest of us are in the teens to low 20's around the bay and
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inland which is where we will stay. overnight it will calm considerably down to the teens for most us. some 20 to 30-miles-per-hour gusts in the higher elevations at the coast. it will be nothing like yesterday. and warmer and low-to-mid 60's along the coast. mid-to-upper 70's inland. this is just the beginning. warmer today with sunshine. wins will blow from land to sea. no need to worry about clouds. even at the coast. thursday and friday are warmer-than-average days away from the coast. >> we are looking at san mateo bridge where we had a report of a hit-and-run crush on the westbound side at the high-rised. it doesn't look to be stopping traffic with no laned dropped. in san jose the drive along northbound 87 is packing up with extra company and you come by the julian off-ramp and toward
5:36 am
downtown san jose by h.p. pavilion and in berkeley westbound along 80 coming to the better -- berkeley curve and the maze it is busy from oakland and 9 bay bridge. >> only 146 days left until the new bay bridge opens and a million dollar repair job still needs to be done. ahead, the new questions surrounding the fix. >> if you have tried to get a cab in san francisco you know how tough it can be, next, what some say it will take to fix the city's taxi
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:41 on this tuesday morning, winds have died down. a lot easier trip to work this morning. and the sutro camera to san francisco and the bay bridge, mike is following the weather forecast. leyla gulen will have the traffic coming up in a couple of minutes. and we could find out why steel rods on the span of the bay bridge broke with caltran delivering answers tomorrow to the metropolitan transportation commission. two uc berkeley metal experts
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have criticized caltran saying the bolt failure could have been prevented questioning quality control after three dozen steel rods snapped. caltran estimates it will cost a million to fix the problem. the span is still set to open labor day week. >> san francisco has a taxi shortage according to a report mixed by the transportation agency. the "san francisco examiner" reports 200 new cabs have already been approved but a consult willing firm report concludes that the city would be better served by adding nearly 700 more taxis over several years. tax operators complain they are losing business to unregulated rideshare companies. >> piedmont has a plan to report the license plate number of any vehicle that enters the city as a way of fighting crime. city leaders say they have seen a rise in burglaries and thefts and they think the criminals could be coming from oakland which sounds piedmont. under the proposal the city would set up 12 licensed plate
5:41 am
reading cameras on major roads in the city recording plate numbers that the city stores for a year. >> it is a way to be able to tell if a stolen vehicle comes to town, a registered owner who is wants, possibly a sex offender. it is a good deal for investigations on the back end if you have a burglary or other crime in your city. >> one area installed six cameras and the leaders say crime is down 30 percent. critics say they have privacy concerns about cameras. >> the most iconic educational science museums is about to welcome back the public at the new location. the exploritorium is putting the finishing touches on the new home on the embarcardero in san francisco. it will feature a lot of new fun hands on exhibits. one of the new science displays was originally a flight similarity made in germany. >> it is three dimensional. the secret is the cubbed -- curved mirror.
5:42 am
all points of light on your body are reassembled but third upside down and switched side to side. >> got that? >> the exploritorium has so many more exhibits to on the imagination of all ages, not just science, including art and music and this sunday at 6:30 you can get a preview when abc7 news presents more to explore the making of the new exploritorium which opens april 17. >> i remember going there on school field trips as a kid and it was wonderful. you can only imagine how high-tech it will be now. >> it looked better. >> that will be next week and we will follow that closely. >> we have a calming trend. that is good news for a lot of folks who have had to deal with not having power or having trialisms and debris in the yard or the street. we have a drying trend and notice no colors other than the water and the land so this is no
5:43 am
advisory and no warning this morning. a look at 87 near h.p. pavilion and san jose with the temperature is 50 degrees. cooler at walnut creek at 45. dress for 52 in oakland. and mill valley. palo alto at 53 and san francisco is 56 degrees. and we have a tendency to have a mind of its own and unfocused which is what it did but there is a breeze bouncing around. napa is at 49 and fairfield and livermore and union city and los gatos in the mid-50's. we will talk about what will happen today and it will be deep and blue. sunny. warmer. calmer. a few areas could see record warmth tomorrow and we will cool as we head to the weekend but temperatures are still mild if not above average as we stay away from the beaches where temperatures are pretty close to average and it will not be quite
5:44 am
as breezy. >> the high pressure is moving in and taking the place of the low pressure with the pressure difference relax and the windsry lax and high pressure is usually a calming influence and this time it is bringing warm weather and mother so tomorrow. check owe the temperatures in your neighbor, we will start in the south bay first where sunnyvale and milpitas is 74 and los gatos and gilroy at 78. and moist of the peninsula is in the mid-70's drop down to 72 in san mateo and 64 today at half moon bay, and 63 in daly city, and upper 60's in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. napa is the warmest at 77. we will have low-to-mid 60's at the beaches where the sand will blow like yesterday. low to my 70's along the east bay shore with richmond and berkeley 71 at cool spots. inland we have mid-to-upper 70's. tomorrow the temperatures are mid-40's to the low 50's, a lot like this morning and maybe a few degrees cooler.
5:45 am
70's and 80's tomorrow and away from the coast thursday through saturday we will have 70's and 50's at the coast on sunday and 70's inland and notice no rain in the forecast. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> as we look at the toll plaza the far left lane, the cash paying lane is building up, and it is slow moving but if you have a fast track traffic is flowing supportly into san francisco. headed over to the maps, i have a hit-and-run crash along 92 headed along in the westbound direction at the high-rise again it was a hit-and-run and everyone has been pushed to the shoulder and police have not arrived on the scene just yet but i want to let you know it hocks like traffic is building along four coming from antioch to concord you are looking at a 23 minute ride and under half an hour along 580 from the central valley to dublin/pleasanton. on 101, a clear drive along 101 headed between 85 to 237.
5:46 am
>> in your spare time because you have had so much spare time, have you explored the city on foot? >> i have gone to union scare and i have traveled along market and i have gone through several different areas throughout san francisco. the presidio is british taking, a beautiful spot. certainly if you are driving along the coast, which you cannot do today because it is closed because of the wind storms yesterday, that was a gorgeous drive and i was mesmerized but this are so many individual areas in san francisco that have their own personality so it has been really such a treasure to find all the new neighborhoods. >> and the famous hills. >> i am wondering if my breaks will hold. >> just sprint. just up the hills.
5:47 am
>> southern california got the same high winds we had in the bay area yesterday morning. jimmy kimmel had fun with that last night. >> if there is a hint of bad weather on the way our local news cameras grab it and run. >> you can see behind me clearly that the winds are picking up in intensity and the sample of the wind behind me. take a look. >> no, no, no, we had serious winds. folk like -- folks, it was nothing like that. jimmy kimmel is at the through time with abc7 news at 11 before that. >> i had serious winds moving my car around. >> jc penney fired their fairly new c.e.o. that came over from appear -- apple.
5:48 am
>> a new warning from north korea to the south and a military move underway in japan. a
5:49 am
5:50 am
>> there are new developments in the tense stand off involving forth korea. japan has moved missile interceptors if place, in anticipation of a nuclear test. they are capable of destroying missiles and set up at the
5:51 am
against ministry in central tokyo and two other defense bases. the north korean central news agency is warning foreigners and tourists in south korea to leave. north korean leader kim jong-un has shut down the last partnership with the south keeping 50,000 north korean workers away from a jointly run manufacturing area at the border. >> breaking news, another person in china has died in the latest bird flu outbreak. the death comes when pigeon watchers look to vaccinate up to 90,000 birds to ward off the spread of the virus. officials say pigeons were a source of concern after one if shanghai was found infected with the new strain of bird flu. 25 people have become infected in the outbreak. >> new this morning a big jump if ridership for amtrak more riding in march than before. amtrak says october, december, and january also set individual
5:52 am
positively records. ridership grew 1 percent until march despite sanity. amtrak will release the full ridership report later this morning. >> after year's winds, are you ready for boring, call weather? >> calm? calm? ommmmm. speaking of winds, we won yesterday at at&t park park andm is on the mound. still a breeze at at&t park park and 56 degrees by 10:00. quiet across most of the state right now. still going to be breezy the closer you are to the mountains. 50 in tahoe and 63 in yosemite, and 65 in monterey and 81 in
5:53 am
palm springs and 67 in san diego. the fastest wins and the roughest surf are in california today and this afternoon. leyla gulen? >> good morning, as we take a check of the drive we have a brand new crash, in the east bay, further to the central valley, the state route we have a head on crash. a car is on the side and we have a party trapped. we will keep our eye on this for further details as they become available. headed over to the san mateo bridge we have the hit-and-run crash on the shoulder, the westbound said of 92 at the high-rise, not causing any slowing and not blocking any lane, so the drive out between hayward to foster city is not going to be a problem this morning. >> thank you. new this morning, today is national equal payday, a day to bring attention to the wage gap between men and women. according to the census bureau women are still paid only 77 cents for every dollar a man is
5:54 am
paid. the pay gap wide weres for working latino women working at 54 cents and african-american women earn 66 cents to each man's dollar. there is an event in san francisco city hall with vote on a resolution for "equal pay bay" in the city. >> do you like ice cream? >> resounding "yes." >> today is the day, ben & jerry's are celebrating the 34th annual free cone day giving were a million free ice cream cones. go to and click on "7 on your side." >> i will take chocolate fudge brownie. >> hope it makes it back to the station. >> we are live with a search under way for a man who attacked a st. mary's college student
5:55 am
inside her apartment. >> and a personal plea from relatives of sandy shook victims. >> consumer report talks about which [ female announcer ] air fresheners
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like febreze air effects smell nice... but aren't approved to kill the germs that cause the odors. lysol disinfectant spray does more. it kills germs at the source. and you can use it to freshen the air too. more than a pretty smelling home...'s a healthy one. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> an east bay college student is assaulted if her campus apartment. police are looking for the attacker. >> san francisco police chief will hold a community meeting days after officers opened fire in the city's mission district. >> firefighters are making major progress in southern california as they battle a new spring brushfire. >> lot is going on on this tuesday morning. thanks positive joining us. >> welcome back, by the way. >> nice to be back. >> i am eric thomas. how is the forecast, mike?
5:58 am
>> at 6:00, good news, we don't have damage reports from this morning, with the wins still out there with a breeze but nothing damaging. calmer and warmer weather is the big theme. it is dry. our fastest gusts are 25 miles per hour in fairfield followed by 23 at half moon bay and 22 at livermore and 20 in novato and 17 in oakland and 16 in mountain view and 14 at sfo and everyone else is ten or below. around the bay today, we are off to sunshine and 55 degrees at 7:00. we will be in the upper 60's for lunch time temperatures and mid-70's by 4:00 and mild with mid-to-upper 60's. inland, we are starting good morning cooler and we will be in the upper 60's at noon and mid-70's throughout the afternoon and calmer at 7:00. it will be 70 degrees. at the coast we have the best breezes. we will have no blowing sand. 58 at noon. 61 in the afternoon. cooling to the mid-50's so you
5:59 am
will need a coat this evening. leyla gulen? >> we are taking a look at the drive headed through the central valley. this is a serious crash along highway four, the bypass is involving an overturned vehicle. it was a head on collision, and one person is trapped right now. we are not noticing traffic but we will watch this. in the east bay, the 80 westbound through berkeley down to the maze, you have plenty of company out there and a good chance to make a move to the bay bridge. >> the search is on for the man who attacked a college student in her campus apartment at st. mary's. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us. >> a crime alert is out to all


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